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Our oak boards are made to last and to be used every day using top quality durable materials. Those first few cuts can be a bit nerve-wrecking when you see the knife marks made in the beautiful smooth wood, but keep going and using your board and over time you will have a very unique board. They develop their own character over time depending on how it is used and cared for. 

Before your handcrafted wooden board left our workshop it was treated with at least three coats of oil. We advise that you continue to condition the board with a food safe oil.

Apply a generous amount of oil with a clean rag or kitchen paper. Leave to absorb for an hour or so and wipe off any surplus. The frequency of application depends on how you use your board.

The natural preservative in oak will make sure your boards will be with you for many years when properly cared for. However we have found that with regular application of White Mineral Oil (also known as Butcher Block Oil) the boards are a lot easier to keep clean. It improves the resistance to stains, and oiled wood absorbs less moisture, reducing the risk of the wood cracking.
Please avoid keeping your item near heat sources such as Agas and ovens, or a damp environment near sinks.
Never place in a dishwasher, oven or microwave. To clean your board, wipe down with warm water and dry immediately. Never submerge in water or scrub your board and, where possible, store flat rather than on its edge.

Best wishes
Woody Marvellous X

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