This chunky design is simply stunning and a beautiful addition to any bathroom. A great gift for friends or loved ones or just for yourself. This is A perfect aid for self care! Something personal but also useful. You will use this every day and is a lovely reminder of a special occasion.Relax in the bath with your iPad or book, a glass of wine or a mug of tea and light those candles.Made from one piece of the finest oak, its been carefully designed with a recessed area for your wine or gin glass stem and a hole for your cuppa.

Engraved with … “and relax”

The bath board is finished with a treatment giving the product longevity and if well looked after will last a lifetime,

Standard measurements : Board length 80cm, width 17cm, depth 3cm

FINISH:Our luxury wooden bath caddy comes finished in our super hard water resistant coating. It is advised not to immerse in water & wipe dry after use.