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Our  handcrafted oak door stops make fabulous, thoughtful  wedding or anniversary gifts or a beautiful housewarming present. 
This heavy & durable oak door stop is not just practical but beautiful. One of our favourite combinations at Woody Marvellous. 
Our chunky wooden door stops are handmade using the finest Oak.  We hand pick each piece, ensuring high quality.
Each door stop weighs between 3-5kg, making them heavy & great for the job in hand! Fitted with a traditional chest handle (black) for lifting, giving them an elegant, rustic look.
Our  wooden door stops are beautiful, making them the perfect gift for someone special. Ideal as wedding presents, 5th wedding anniversary or new home gifts.
Each wooden door stop is long lasting. Once in your home will adapt to its new surroundings. Cracks & splits may occur (or widen/close) through this process providing a unique charm and character to each piece. This is normal & to be expected. 
Approx dimensions: 10cm (D) x  17.5cm (W) x 20cm (H)


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